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The aim of the society is to promote all aspects of astronomy whether it is first time users trying to understand their telescope or find their way round the night sky to the more interesting aspects of the subject.

We are also a "hands on" group where we will endeavor to make, fix or talk about anything even other topics that have nothing to do with astronomy.

So if you are interested in astronomy, cannot get your telescope to work or understand it. Or simple got nothing to do on the forth MONDAY of the month at 7:30 p.m. [Club night] or most Friday evenings -- COME ON DOWN  where the kettle will be on - or get a beer from the club house.

If traveling a distance it's always wise to use the "contact us" tab or Email [button below] -- and please allow a couple of days for a reply  [to allow  the poor old  soles to remember to read them]

Home of the big telescope in Yorkshire.
We are a friendly society where we endeavor to make you feel welcome. We are located in Brough East Yorkshire - for details click here

So if you are new to astronomy or more experienced and want to get involved, then you are most welcome to join the web site or even the Brough Astronomy Club also known as BLAS.

If you like what you see then feel free to add your views to the "testimonials" section or even place a donation in the "donate" area at the bottom of the page.

Also please look at the web site links page for sites of interest

they may give the answers to some of your questions.

Now that we have completed the building work we are now fitted out with surround sound and 2 projection systems to allow simultaneous projections of computer and camera displays from the telescope or the internet to be projected to an impressive screen of 12ft by 5ft.


One of the more interesting site is the NASA site and by clicking on this paragraph will take you to the live High definition camera's on the International Space Station.

If you have enjoyed this site and wish to contribute.
Please used the donate button - thank you


We have finally fixed the large 14" Meade telescope and it looks like we are happy with it, it is now located where it belongs in the large dome and so now that winter is here we should be able to do some viewing through both domes


The event was a great success as the day was perfect with not a cloud in the sky [one of our members was in Spain where it was reported back that it was cloudy and rain?] [he did get an hour of clear sky]

There were 7 telescopes set up outside with white light solar filters fitted 1 solar scope and 1 used as a projection.

Inside the dome the main telescope was used, the drive for 2 smaller scopes mounted on the large one each with white light filters each with a camera attached, one camera taking a shot every 2.5 minutes and the other connected to a laptop computer and projected on to the wall giving a sun some 5 feet across where Mercury could be clearly seem, this was also recorded every few minutes which means that we will be able to make a movie of the transition which started at 12:15 until 17:30. 

through the course of the afternoon we had about 50 visitors - one from Selby who had just caught it on the website and hastened down and enjoyed what was observed.

Any views and comments are welcome on the forum posts.


Down at the dome at 7:15 to set up and prepare for the morning eclipse, first time this week that the weather looked promising. A excellent reporter from Radio Humberside was with us for a few hours and later a TV reporter joined us to report the rare and spectacular event to the media.

We had around 45 visitors including the local nursery and one coming from as far as Scarborough as it was very misty and cloudy there.

We were very lucky with the weather and it only clouded up at the time of the maximum for a short time making it difficult to see.

We took pictures every 30 seconds which we shall make into a movie and post it on this web site so keep looking.

It was an even really worth watching especially when the last one was 1999 and the next in 2024 [in the UK] so make a date with the next one!

The Solar Eclipse was followed by  a Lunar eclipse in ---------  where we took photos every 30 seconds. This took place at 3:00 in the morning so most people would be fast asleep then?


As the dome was getting "worse for wear" with several damaged areas letting in water it was decided to refurbish it and spend a little money on it. so instead of the old red dome we now have a white metal dome that is water proof - material cost were about £500.

It is almost complete just STILL requiring a new door when the weather is fit enough or we find another excuse? -  one of them is that we are building another dome - which is well on it's way to completion


The Extension is and the "old original building" refurbishments are now all complete.

To to keep us busy we have started another project - This time it is SELF FUNDING 8 ft diameter dome, which will be more disabled friendly and will allow wheel chair uses to get to the telescope.

The foundations have been laid and we are now building up the walls, part of this extension will be utilised for an area where we will be grinding mirrors and making telescopes, some thing that we have not done for a while as we have inspired some interest in this area

For further details of the build please go to the home/building extension tab or look in the photo area.

Now that we are getting close to completion the 8ft dome has shrunk to a 5ft dome which we have found to be more that sufficient - it's been a compromise to accommodate view-ability with practicability 


Welcome to the Brough Astronomy web site -- If you wish to become a member of this site - go to the members tab & "join site" then you can post your pictures and comment

When approved as a member to this site [approval is to ensure you are not a spammer or computer], your profile details will need to be completed which will then allow full membership privileges.
New members please go to the members tab click on your icon and "edit profile"

Please take a look at the "links" tab as it gives a great list of useful or interesting site that are worthy of a visit.


Over the years we have had several visitors to our dome or we have had visits to schools and other establishments.

In 2011 we started a web site and after it success we have kept better records of these visits which can be viewed in the "past events" tab - under the various year.

So have a look and see if you remember your visit and maybe come back.


In 2011 we had -- 1012 visitors

In 2012 we had -- 852 visitors 

In 2013 we had -- 976 visitors 

In 2014 we had -- 603 visitors

** in 2015 we had -- 325  visitors

** in 2016 we had - 324 visitors

MAKING A TOTAL OF 4092 since 2011

** In 2015 & 2016 our visitor numbers were down as we were doing a lot of building work so not really capably of seeing visitors



- you may enjoy it?

we don't charge?

Yes it is FREE

If you wish -- please see "DONATION" button

You don't have to be a large group for a visit as we welcome individuals and take a look through one of the BIGGEST telescope in Yorkshire.


Since September 2012